vegan spiced granola


2 C desiccated coconut 

2 C shredded coconut 

2 C coconut flakes 

2 C activated buckwheat groats (to activate buckwheat groats: soak them overnight and then dehydrate overnight)

3 C raisins

1/2 C almond meal (can make from almonds, just grind them up in a food processor or blender (like blendtec or vitamix))

1/2 C chia seeds 

1/2 C honey (coconut nectar, agave nectar, maple sugar)

1.5 heaping TSP mesquite

1.5 TSP maca

1.5 TSP lacuma 

1 TBSP cinnamon

1.5 TSP cardamon

A glug of vanilla paste

1 TSP nutmeg

Filtered water to bind


Mix errthang together so that it comes together a little bit when you squeeze it.

Dehydrate on teflex sheets for 12 hours or overnight. May need to turn over. Should be dried out when done.

Store in airtight container.